Welcome to Creative Bungalows.

We hope you will come and enjoy our great hospitality. Our bungalows are situated only 10 meters from the beach and very close to the boat landing area in Gili Trawangan. The spacious Bungalows are set in a beautiful and well kept garden with colourful flowers. Each bungalow has its own private veranda with sitting area with original bamboo chairs.

Our room rates are very reasonable. Where else in the world will you find such a nice bungalow for less than 10 dollars a night ?

Come and meet Lukman And Haji who can help you arrange a wonderfull snorkelling trip around the 3 Gili Islands in a glass bottom boat. On this trip most tourists get to see giant sea turtles, giant clams and of course coral and loads of fish. At the time of writing the (fixed) bargain price of this 5 hour trip is only 35.000 Rupiah or less than 4 US dollars ! Lukman and Haji or their families can also help you with other travel arrangements.

At Creative we also have our own restaurant. It is cheap since many of our customers are backpackers. But we still offer an exclusive sea food platter with freshly caught squid, shrimp and tuna plus a soup for starter and a juice for a very cheap price !

We also offer internet connection from our own internet cafe. So come and join us soon !

Contact information: Please phone +62 (0)370 634861 or +62 (0)370 642315 for reservation or further information.

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